Auto Repair Tips and Tricks

With Fall coming on fast and the leaves changing colors before our eyes it’s easy to think about football, Halloween and hot chocolate. But one very important matter most of us forget about is a little auto repair and maintenance before the snows come.

As the temperatures drop the stresses that our cars and trucks go through increases. Metal parts become brittle, cold builds up and before you know it there’s a loud crack, something breaks and you’re left looking for a tow truck. Most of those miserable and unexpected auto repairs can be avoided with just a little prevention and attention to our vehicles.

Tip #1 From Your An Expert Auto Mechanic – Automotive Performance and Fluids
Just like our bodies, our cars have a tough time running without the right fluids in the correct amounts. Make sure to give your oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid and antifreeze a quick check before the cold really comes.

Oil is what makes the engine go ‘round. In reality the oil provides vital lubrication to the most expensive part of your vehicle, the engine. Keeping the crankshaft and other moving parts well lubed can avoid many costly auto repairs. A good quality bottle of synthetic oil costs less than lunch at Burger King, grab an extra bottle to top of your engine and keep the excess in the trunk, could be handy in an emergency.

Brake fluid, not blinker fluid. The first is vital to your safety, the second is really expensive and hard to find at autozone. Next time you’re at the parts counter ask the auto mechanic where to find the blinker fluid, I’m sure he knows where it is. The fluid in your brake system is what provides the hydraulic pressure necessary to stop your car. This generally isn’t a fluid that’s likely to leak, but better safe than sorry. Grab a bottle to keep on hand, make sure yours if full to the “fill line” and keep the extra in you trunk. It also doubles as power steering fluid.

Is your heater blowing cold? Then you’re probably low on antifreeze! Not only is antifreeze important for helping you avoid unexpected auto repairs, it helps you stay comfortable and you probably didn’t know it. In the hot summer antifreeze is how you keep your engine cool in spite of the massive amount of friction imposed on it. In the winter time it actually does the same, but also keeps you warm as it pulls heat away from the engine and blows it right into your vents helping you defrost your windows and warm up cold fingers and toes after a day in the snow.

Remember that checking your fluid levels is a great way to avoid costly auto repair expenses and even better, it can keep you from being stuck in the snow for hours while you wait for a tow truck to show up and haul you back to your auto mechanic so he can replace your car engine that was low on fluids and seized up. Good luck.

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