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  • Keep yourself and everyone around you on the road safe by making sure that your vehicle’s brakes are in good condition. Flip’s Car Care offers brake inspection in Orem, UT to ensure that your brakes are safe and in proper working order.
    If you hear your brakes squeaking or grinding when you try to slow or stop, it’s time to come see the experts at Flip’s Car Care for brake repair. Our technicians near Provo, UT can quickly diagnose the issue you’re having and make the proper brake repair to make sure that you’re safely back on the road.
    A squeak is the first sign that your brakes are in need of a repair. Did you know that squeak from your brakes is by design? All brake pads are equipped with a small metal finger called a “squealer,” which is what causes that awful squeaking noise to let you know that your brake pads have been worn through and it’s time for a brake service.
    Don’t wait for the squeaking to go away, because it won’t. Rather, your brakes will start making a rough grinding noise. This sound is a sign of metal grinding against metal and means that your brake pads have been worn completely through and are grinding against the brake disc. This metal on metal contact will do extensive damage to your brake discs and require an expensive brake replacement. Additionally, this metal on metal braking makes it difficult to stop and puts you, the people in your car, and the people in cars around you at risk of injury.
    Come see Flip’s Car Care today for a brake repair service near Vineyard, UT to ensure that you’re driving safe and sound.

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    Brake maintenance and repair are important in order to keep your vehicle safely on the road. Flip’s Car Care offers comprehensive brake repair and service near Pleasant Grove, UT in order to examine the state of your brakes and all components involved. The technicians offer knowledge and detail-oriented brake repair that includes fixing brake calipers, brake pad replacement, and more. Visit us today to get the brake repair that you need to drive safely in Utah County.

    Schedule brake maintenance wit Flip’s Car Care today by calling 801-377-1333, or send us a message. You can use either send an email directly or use our online contact form. When the time comes for your next brake repair or service, come see us at 1445 S. State St, Orem, UT 84097.

    Our team of technicians can do everything you need from a simple brake cleaning, repair brake rotors, and more. We love serving our neighbors with quality auto service and repair.

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