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Come by Flip’s Car Care for all your Brake Service, Repair and Replacement needs!

If you hear squeaking coming from your vehicle every time you stop it is probably time to get your brakes checked! At Flip’s Car Care we provide an excellent brake service and we do it fast. Come visit us on south State Street just down from University Mall for a free brake service inspection. We can help you avoid any extra repairs by keeps your brakes serviced and running at top performance. If you catch your brakes going bad in time you can also prevent major damage to your car.

2 Major Signs You Need A Brake Service

Squeaking Brakes

Did you know that every set of brake pads have a built in warning device to help you avoid extra trouble? Each brake pad comes with a small metal finger called a “squealer” that is designed to cause the squeaking sound you hear when you press on your brakes. This only happens when your brake pads have worn down to the point that they need to be replaced and is intended to grab your attention before serious damage is done!

Grinding When You Brake

If the squeaking on your brakes has stopped and now you’re getting a rough, grinding sound when you brake, then you need to get to Flip’s for a brake service right away. This grinding is caused by the brake pad being worn through completely and now you have your metal pad grinding directly on your metal disc brake. This metal on metal grinding will gouge and ward your discs and be much more expensive to fix. The metal on metal braking is also less effective taking more time and distance to stop which puts your family and anyone else in your car at serious risk of injury. When the grinding starts don’t delay, get into Flip’s today.

We do front and rear brake pad and shoe replacement on any kind of car or truck. If you wait too long you can do serious damage to your rotors and that can become a very costly repair. The thinner your brakes get, the more heat they give off and the hotter it gets. The more heat that builds up the more likely you are to do damage to other parts such as rotors, calipers and more.
Get in soon and let us help you avoid any costly repairs and keep you safe.

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