Orem – Fun Parks to Visit

Orem – Lots of Parks to See


Orem, Utah has incredible parks. They’re all well kept and clean, with safe playgrounds and structures. Located all over the city, there’s always one within reach; maybe even within walking distance. Here are just three in Orem that I prefer to frequent.

My favorite park in Orem is Nielson’s Grove Park, on Sandhill Rd, a few blocks south of Walmart. It’s a big enough park that, even during the busy times, you can still find a fair amount of solitude and privacy. This park has ample space for an impromptu game of capture the flag, or ultimate frisbee. It also has several beautiful wood frame pavilions, ranging in size from small to large; great for family picnics, or an outside birthday party. You can also take your child to their giant carousel swing to hang in the shade. It’s also dog-friendly, so you can bring your furry family members- even unleashed! There’s a small pond near a kid’s playground, where you can sit and watch the ducks, or feed them your stale bread. Don’t be afraid if they come up close; these Orem ducks are plenty used to people, and are even likely to eat out of your hands. Just don’t leave your fries unattended. A paved trail skirts around the whole park, so you can run safely between the ducks and the trees, and not worry about crossing heavy traffic. There’s plenty of parking in their two parking lots, and plenty of street parking as well.

Timpanogos Park in Northeast Orem is also a local favorite. Take a scenic drive up the canyon a short way, and you’ll find yourself in this beautiful Orem park area with lots of room to run. The paved trails are perfect for taking your dog for a jog in the fresh mountain air. A large pavilion at the entrance to the park is great for big events, like family reunions, work parties, or wedding receptions. There are even plenty of restaurants or caterers that will deliver directly to the park! If you’re planning an event in Orem, this Timpanogos Park is a great location.

Cascade Park in the eastern city area is a small and sweet park, if you’re looking for something more for the kids. It has a nice playground and plenty of grass for running and playing. There are tennis and basketball courts for pickup games with your buddies while the kids play, or just for shooting hoops by yourself on a quiet afternoon. Trees surrounding the park give plenty of shade on a hot Orem day. Of course, there are pavilions here, as well, so the kids can eat and keep tiring themselves out before their afternoon nap. It’s surrounded by an Orem residential area, so it’s guaranteed to be fairly quiet and safe.  No need to drive to a big park when everything you need is close to home.

A few more worth mentioning are Northridge Park, City Center Park, and Eagle Park. So many parks to choose from, and I encourage you to visit them all. Seems like if you’re in Orem, there’s always one nearby when you need a few minutes to yourself. Whether you have kids, animals, or none of the above, there’s likely a relaxing place for you within just a few miles.

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