Orem Living

Orem, Utah is a wonderful place to live. There are many residential areas that will fit your own personal lifestyle. Whether you’re religious, artistic, or don’t even speak English, you’ll find the Orem natives friendly and accepting.

In Orem, you’re close to everything you need: Shopping centers like University place, Dental and Doctor’s offices, and grocery supermarkets. Some of the favorites in Orem are Costco, Winco, and Target, both close to the city’s center. Because Orem is a college town, there are also lots of specialty shops for things like sporting goods, dance gear, art supplies, or crafting tools. If there’s something you need, Orem has it somewhere.

The public school system in Orem falls into Alpine School District, with wonderful programs, teachers, and plenty of opportunity for kids of all ages. Schools here in Orem have a lot to offer in terms of arts and sports, as well as debate clubs and inter baccalaureate and advanced placement  programs to give them a jump on college credits. Not only will your children learn the things they need in order to have a successful future, they’ll be far ahead of school systems in other areas of the United States; even other school systems in Utah! Not to mention, the close proximity of UVU in Orem and BYU in provo gives these kids the advantage to be seen by academic, sports, or fine arts recruiters who love to offer scholarships and other academic or extracurricular opportunities to incoming freshmen of residence. The learning atmosphere and appreciation for both natural talent and hard work is common through both universities, so Orem is a wonderful place for kids to learn to be competitive and sharp, as well as industrious, collaborative, and encouraging of all those they will meet. Private school education is also available to children who might need a little extra attention, a different kind of learning environment, or a more advanced course of study.

The public community of Orem is very social and environment friendly. They have festivals every summer and plenty to offer in terms of city recreation and short trade courses. Everything from Little League Baseball to Singles’ Cooking Classes can be found and enjoyed through Orem City. There are also adult sports leagues that you can sign up for with your own team of friends and family. If you’re the active type that likes to be up and about, there’s no shortage of leagues, committees, or classes that can fill your time.

If you still aren’t convinced, come to Orem for a visit. Enjoy the city life with art galleries, music events and theater. Go camping up the canyon and let the fresh mountain air breathe excitement back into your life. Rent a couple jet skis to take out on the lake for a day, or a boat so you can do some fishing. With mountains close by and a lake on the other side of the city, you can imagine the variety of terrain we have for all your favorite outdoor activities.

Orem has everything to offer for a single person, or for a family. Not only is it a great place to live, but it’s a great place to grow!

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