Orem Oil Change Experts – Faster & Cheaper at Flip’s Car Care

– Convenient address on State St. just south of University Mall
– Express Lube & Oil Service get you in and out quickly
– Near shopping/dining places and open extra hours in the evening

At Flip’s Car Care we offer a full service oil change. We not only change your oil and replace your filter, but we check and top off all the fluids in your car (except your gas)!

Best Lube & Oil Change in UT

– Great low prices on all makes and models
– No hidden service fees
– Discounts for Fleet service & multiple vehicles

When you come in for an oil change we also lube all the parts in the front end of your car that can use some grease. That’s the “lube” part of oil and lube! Do you know why?

Without a good barrier of grease between metal parts that rub together the friction will cause major heat to build up, causing the parts to become brittle and more prone to breaking. And that just leads to more expensive and unnecessary repairs.

To give you the best service possible, and to keep your car running smooth, we provide a lube treatment to all the front end parts of your car while we change the oil. This keeps them running smooth and prevents them from building up too much heat and breaking.

Quality Service and Reliable Startup for Your Vehicle Every Day

– Faster, friendlier service than Jiffy Lube, Walmart or any other competitor (we think and so do our customers!)
– Call ahead scheduling when requested
– Top of the line products like Valvoline and other name brands
– Great customer reviews!

We also offer a variety of the very best synthetic oils on the market that will give your engine a longer, smoother life.

We recommend changing your oil every 3,000 miles, or if you use our synthetic oil you can get more mileage from that oil change, up to 5,000!

It is important to have the oil changed on your car on a regular basis and use the right weight of oil specified for your car. This will also help you get better performance and better gas mileage.

Call us today to get your oil changed! You’ll find us on State Street in Orem just a few blocks south of University Mall next to Nickel City. We’re convenient and fast so come by today or call ahead and schedule your oil change for even faster service.