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Orem Tire Shop – At Flip’s Car Care we take care of all your car needs. Having a good set of tires is crucial to your safety and control, especially in Utah’s climate. If you have bad tread-wear, steel cords showing or weather cracking we can help!

Did you know that next to a good set of brakes, having quality tires is the next best thing to help you avoid accidents, stop quicker and not get stranded when you’re off-road or a long way from help? It’s true, nothing has more contact with the road and getting you to your destination than your tires.

Car & Truck Tires For Sale in Orem

Our wide variety of tire choices will fit any vehicle. More importantly, our tire prices will fit your needs and your budget! When the snow starts to fly, be prepared with a good set of tires. When the sun comes out and temperatures get hot, be prepared with a good set of tires on your car or truck.

New Tires and Road Trips

Your time is valuable so don’t be the person stuck on the side of the road because you didn’t get your tires replaced by the friendly, professional team at Flip’s Car Care. Tires are what get you from point A to point B. Come by for a tire inspection today and get the best new tires at the most competitive prices around!

Whether you’re headed into the snow covered mountains, out to the lake or to southern Utah and the dry deserts, make sure you have the right tires from the best tire shop in Orem.

If you’re not sure what you need for your next adventure, swing by our tire shop and let our experts give you a few tips on the right tires for your new car or truck. We always have tires for sale, great prices and great service.

At Flip’s Car Care we’ll make sure your new tires get you safely there and back. Stop by our tire shop in Orem just south of University Mall on State Street.

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